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How's it going,
I am currently working out the details of an anonymous Christmas event the Saturday before Christmas (the 18th of December for the Americas). This letter is both an invitation to participate in our big holiday party, and also a request for your help in doing so. I'm just one anon with a small board on, but they have graciously offered us a temp holiday board for this event (details pending but it will probably be called /Christmas/). With a temporary holiday board, the amount of possibilities becomes close to infinite, and so the current brainstormed idea is to have a Christmas/Holiday Season imageboard 文化祭 (Bunkasai - "school cultural festivals").
The main events will be a Christmas concert I'm hosting over the course of the day (looking for other interested DJs, see below) and a multiplayer game (undecided) to use as a social server. Surrounding the main event though, I would like for there to be a number of activities and events for anons to engage in. In order to make this event as "big" as possible without putting unnecessary strain on any one board or individual to perform, I'm thinking each website or individual board can contribute their own cultural thread to serve as both an advertisement/exchange of their board culture, and as a means of making sure every anon can find something to enjoy while browsing that night. I mention both board and websites in case anons want to participate as their website or as their board or as both. Examples that were brainstormed included hosting a jigsaw thread, a drawfag or writefag contest, a game server of your own (such as an OJ lobby or other multiplayer game), a video stream, a game of Jeopardy, a riddle thread, a quest thread, some kind of Christmas compilation or OC contribution, etc.
If we can have submissions consolidated by the 4th of December, that would give anons two weeks to work out the details and make sure overlapping events are aware of each other (and can maybe collaborate). Of course, if a board or website does not want to host a cultural exchange thread, I'm planning to have an advertising thread as well that they will be welcome to use (and there will be shoutouts throughout the day in the music/social "concert" thread too). The most important point I would like to stress is that there is no pressure to participate in any official capacity, and the goal of this Christmas get-together is for everyone to have fun and not worry too much about formalities, rivalries, factions, stress factors, etc. Call it a Christmas Truce if you feel strongly about other websites. If we have a schedule of who's doing what and when, I can also make community announcements so anons can be redirected as they start. I'm not going to pretend I can easily spread the message to every board. I would be very grateful for any assistance in promoting this event since it is a Christmas present for another anon who wanted to see several imageboards meeting up and having a good time.
tl;dr- I'm hosting an inter-website anonymous imageboard Christmas event on the 18th of December burger time zones (or if the stars align, maybe the whole weekend) on, and I would like (You) and your website/board to participate as both an attendee and a sponsor for our event.
Currently I am seeking the following:
Permission to advertise the event on your website or board (as well as any ground rules you have in regards to doing so)
Anons on individual websites to help advertise it to the far reaches of anonspace (their boards they browse) via word-of-mouth.
Anons to report who is doing what (since while I can check, I'm liable to make a mistake in the process when over 100 individual boards are potentially involved).
Websites or Boards interested in hosting cultural exchange threads either for the month of December or specifically for that night depending on context.
A currently hosted game server from another board to host the main real-time social event. If your board has a social gathering game you play such as minecraft or terrarria (or Project Zomboid if the MP update comes out before Christmas) that you think could handle a larger-than-usual load, it would be greatly appreciated. The smug /vg/ Veloren server has been offered as a last resort since it's a low-CPU game that can host 20-50 players without issues, but it's a fairly buggy FOSS game with limited interactions.
Additional VETTED anons interested in DJing for the event so that I don't have to put together 14+ hours of music myself. DJs for other boards may advertise their portion of the music stream as such if they want. If enough people are interested in helping me, I was going to break the music up into roughly 4 hour or 2 hour segments.
Additional VETTED volunteers of other boards who would be interested in helping volunteer that evening to ban spammers or to break up bad actors/fights that move beyond inter-board banter.
Vetting: I just need to know they are an active DJ/Volunteer with a good track record on your website/board who can be held liable if they decide to try and ruin the event for some reason. No new DJs this time since past experiences indicate they are more likely to have technical difficulties that put the main show on hold during collaborative streams.
Best Regards,
-Nene Seal
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Note: This email has been BCC'd (hence the lack of personalization which I apologize for) to all webring members except Smug, PLW, and Tchan. They did not have an apparent email to send them stuff. I will be posting on meta boards/threads directly for them in a little bit.